Code 4 = Everything’s Under Control

“Code 4” is the police code spoken when a dangerous
situation has been resolved and no further help is needed.

Retired police force veteran Terry Smith shares a gripping new memoir detailing his exciting and varied career in Minnesota law enforcement. Over the course of more than three decades, Smith worked as a uniformed officer, a long-haired undercover narcotics agent, an organized crime investigator, a SWAT Commander, and a homicide detective. He and the men and women who worked with him looked down their gun barrels at murderers, armed robbers, rapists, burglars, and an assortment of other violent people.

Experience Smith’s unquenchable pursuit of danger and naïve optimism as he re-creates pivotal moments he experienced while serving in the line of duty. Honest without being gruesome, Code 4 invites readers to see things that are hard, but also finds space to share about the bizarre and humorous moments in policing, too. It is a fascinating look at the evolution of law enforcement practices, following a career that began before Kevlar vests and continued into the rapid change of the new millennium.

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Praise for Code 4

“I read this riveting account of Agent Smith’s 37 years in one sitting. Few officers/agents have the breadth of experience described by Smith. Few authors could tell his story so well and with such honesty. A compelling read for any police procedural buffs.”

Larry B.

Amazon Review

“What a great read! Terry Smith is a skilled investigator, rock solid leader, and gifted story teller. Reading the tales in Code 4 is like sliding into the passenger seat to join Terry as he patrols, surveils, and works undercover. Enjoy a most entertaining and, quite often, thought provoking ride-along with a seasoned cop.”

Tim O'Malley

Superintendent, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (Retired)

“In a tumultuous and uncertain time for law enforcement Terry Smith has authored, in Code 4, a sober, enlightening, entertaining, and yet compassionate look inside police work. If you want to know what real uniformed and criminal investigative work is all about, read this one. You will not regret it.”

Michael Campion

Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety (Retired)

I really enjoyed reading this book…It reveals what it’s like to be a police officer who is willing to make sacrifices to protect the public. Thanks for your service and thanks for the insight.

Dale G.

Amazon Review

I’ve always said if I was murdered, call Terry Smith to investigate.

Ray Diprima

BCA Investigator, retired

The Stories Continue…

Not every story in a thirty-seven-year career could make it into the book! Read more heroic and humorous police force tales on Terry’s blog.